Cancellation Protection is an additional option offered at the time of purchase of an event ticket to any of our events. Cancellation Protection is provided by Stockholm Live on payment of the fee and entitles the purchaser to a refund of the price of the purchased event ticket plus any additional package (minus the fee for the Cancellation Protection).


When buying the Cancellation Protection from Stockholm Live through the website of our agents AXS Sweden, or at our Service centre on-site, you enter into a contract with Stockholm Live on the terms and conditions set forth below. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.


Please read the terms carefully before buying Cancellation Protection. When purchasing Cancellation Protection, you are expected to have understood and agreed to these terms and conditions.




In the terms and conditions some of the words have a specific meaning:


"AXS Sweden" means AXS Sweden AB, company number 556680-5528 incorporated in Sweden, whose registered office is at IDROTTSVÄGEN ROSVALLA, 611 62 Nyköping, Södermanlands län.

"Documentation" means the documentation you need to provide to support your notice of cancellation, confirming how you have been prevented from attending the Event in order to receive the Compensation (see Paragraph 6.6).

"You," and "your" refer to you as the purchaser of Cancellation Protection.

Cancellation Protection” means the cancellation protection set out in these terms which includes a right to a refund of the price of the purchased Event Ticket plus any additional package (minus the fee for Cancellation Protection) if a personal circumstance as defined in paragraph 6.4 in these terms prevents You from attending the Event.

"Compensation" means the compensation that we undertake to pay to you if you meet the conditions for Cancellation Protection (see Section 6.2).

"Event" means an event for which you have purchased Cancellation Protection.

"Event Ticket" means a ticket (electronic ticket, a paper ticket or a print-at-home ticket) sold or marketed via the website of Stockholm Live’s agent AXS Sweden, or our Service Centre which gives the holder access to an Event.

"Close relative" means a spouse, partner, registered partner, child, stepchild, sibling, parent, grandparent, parent-in-law, grandchild, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or a person who is registered at the same address as you. Cohabitants and registered partners, parents and siblings are in this Agreement equated with parents-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

"Service Centre" means the Stockholm Live’s ticket office at Arena Globentorget / Stockholm Live.

 "Stockholm Live", "we", "us" and "our" refer to Stockholm Live AB, with its registered office at Box 10055, 121 27 Stockholm-Globen.

"Additional package" means, for example, food & beverage packages, official merchandise, or similar.




The Cancellation Protection is offered as an additional service in connection with the purchase of Event Tickets, and any additional package through the website of our agents AXS Sweden, or our Service Centre. Cancellation Protection can only be purchased with an Event Ticket and applies per Event Ticket bought.

The fee for Cancellation Protection is to be paid at the time of purchasing an Event Ticket. The rules regarding withdrawal (Sw. ångerrätt) set out in the Distance Contracts Act (Sw. Lagen om distansavtal och avtal utanför affärslokaler (2005:59)) do not apply to the purchase of Event Tickets. Cancellation Protection according to these terms and conditions is an additional service in connection with the purchase of the Event Tickets and thus not covered by the rules regarding withdrawal in the Distance Contracts Act.





4.1         Notification of cancellation must be sent by email to us as soon as the reason for the notification / cancellation is known to you, and no later than the time of the start of the Event, as stated on the Event Ticket.


Notification should be made to:


In the notification the following must be provided: name, booking number, address and telephone number of the person the notification / cancellation relates to, and a description of the reason for the notification / cancellation.


4.2                 It is important that you submit the documentation in support of the claim for Compensation under the Cancellation Protection as soon as possible after notification / cancellation (see point 6.6). The documentation must be received by us no later than 10 days after the notification / cancellation in order for us to be able to examine your case and pay out Compensation.


The documentation must be sent to: Stockholm Live, Box 10055,





We undertake to pay Compensation to you as the purchaser of Cancellation Protection if you have provided on-time notification of the cancellation along with the supporting documentation and if the other conditions set out herein are met. We try to settle normal payment within 10 days after we have received full notice of cancellation and the required documentation.




The following conditions apply to the Cancellation Protection. Read them carefully as we only pay out Compensation if all conditions are met.


6.1         Who is covered by Cancellation Protection


People who, for private purposes, have bought and paid for Cancellation Protection through the AXS Sweden website or on-site at our Service Centre.


6.2         What the Cancellation Protection covers


The Cancellation Protection covers the price of the Event Ticket and any additional package purchased along with the Event Ticket, minus the fee for the Cancellation Protection, up to a maximum of SEK 2,500 per Event Ticket and any additional packages. The amount calculated in accordance with this paragraph constitutes the entire Compensation amount.


6.3         Cancellation protection validity


The Cancellation Protection starts from the moment you receive our confirmation of the purchase and expires when the Event starts, or when notification of cancellation has been made, however at the latest at the specified start time as stated on the Event Ticket on the day of the Event.


6.4         When you are entitled to a refund


You are entitled to use the Cancellation Protection if you can prove that during the period of validity you were prevented from attending the entire Event due to any of the following circumstances:


  1. a) You or a close relative suffered from an acute illness, accident or death,


  1. b) You had to stay at home or were prevented from attending due to a police investigation, an emergency services matter or other unforeseeable private emergency situation in the home, caused by explosion, fire or extensive and acute water damage other than a generalized force majeure event as defined in 6.5h below.


Please note that the cancellation protection also needs to be notified and the cause of prevention substantiated by documentation within the time limits specified in Paragraph 4 for the Cancellation Protection to apply.


6.5         What the Cancellation Protection does not cover


You are not entitled to Cancellation Protection if you are prevented from participating in all or part of the Event due to any of the following circumstances:


  1. You missed the Event because you did not make reasonable efforts to get yourself to the Event by alternative transportation or via an alternative route.
  2. You do not wish to attend the Event.
  3. Your financial situation has deteriorated.
  4. If circumstances at work or study cause you to miss the Event.
  5. You are denied access to the Event because you do not meet the conditions for access, due to your being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  6. Illness, accident or death of a pet.
  7. You miss the Event or arrive late due to lack of parking space.
  8. You are prevented from attending the Event due to circumstances beyond our control, including, but not limited to natural disasters, war, insurrection, riots, terrorism, national mourning, theft of critical equipment, intentional damage, strike, lockout, weather conditions, demands of the country's armed forces or actions or measures by national or local authorities.



You are not entitled to receive Cancellation Protection if you are entitled to compensation for or refund of the price you paid for the Event Ticket plus any additional package in accordance with the other conditions in the Event Ticket purchase contract, insurance or other agreements, such as the repurchase of an Event Ticket in accordance with the Event Ticket purchase contract.


6.6         Documentation required for Cancellation Protection to apply


If you are prevented from attending an Event on an acceptable ground and would like to validate a claim for Cancellation Protection, you must send us your unused original Event Ticket.


The grounds for the prevention must also be confirmed by:


  1. a) In the case of acute illness, accident or death, a medical certificate from the treating doctor and, where appropriate, a death certificate.


  1. b) In the event of a police or emergency services matter, a certificate from the relevant authority and in the event of another unforeseeable, private emergency situation in the home, a detailed account of what happened as well as the claim to the insurance company.


The documentation must be received within the period specified in Paragraph 2. If you miss this deadline, you risk losing your entitlement to make a claim for Cancellation Protection.




7.1.1      Personuppgiftslagen (= The Personal Data Act) (PUL)


AXS Sweden may collect personal data from you in connection with the purchase of Cancellation Protection. Please refer to the conditions of AXS Sweden Purchasing Terms and AXS Sweden Privacy Policy, available on the AXS Sweden website, for information on the processing of personal data and AXS Sweden compliance with the Personal Data Act (Sw. Personuppgiftslagen (1998:204)).


7.1.2      Applicable law and competent court


These terms and conditions are subject to Swedish law. Should the conditions be in conflict with mandatory legislation, the provisions of the law shall apply.


Disputes arising out of this agreement will be settled in a Swedish court.


7.1.3      In the event of a dispute:


If you are dissatisfied with the Cancellation Protection, please consult the Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (= National Board for Consumer Complaints) (ARN), see ARN's investigation is free of charge and the decision is made in the form of a recommendation.


As with other disputes, the matter may also be settled in court. Contact your nearest district court if you want to find out more. The address and telephone number of the district court can be found on the website of the Domstolsverket (= Courts Service)